Treatment Rates

Menu of options

Below is my menu of options. From a Back Wax to the Full Monty and anything in between. I can remove the unwanted body hair from almost anywhere on the male body, with “Intimate Waxing” treatments.


All grooming treatments at D4M Male Grooming must be paid in full at the end of the appointment. I accept payment by credit and also cash.

Prices estimated below

operate a flexible tariff that frees you from the unfairness of a “one price fits all” mentality. My charges are based on the amount of hair you have and how much of it you want removed, i.e. less hair = less money.

Securing Your Appointment

If you are a new client, you must use my contact form for your first visit. Once your appointment is confirmed, you are notified (your choice) via e-mail and text. I understand that plans can change, so if you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so within 24 hours of confirmation with no penalty.

Treatment Times

All quoted timings are approximate. Please ensure you arrive in good time for your appointment. Arriving late may result in a reduced treatment time and there may not be enough time to complete your appointment, so you could end up going on vacation with half of your chest waxed!

D4M Male Back and Body Waxing Price List

(If you place the mouse over the treatment, the description will pop up. If using a mobile or tablet just touch to appear, touch again to remove)

(Includes; male back waxing, male chest waxing neck waxing, male arm waxing and underarm waxing treatment options)
D1Male Full Basic Back Wax$40.00
D2Male Full Back & Shoulder Wax$50.00
D3Male Full Back, Neck & Shoulder Wax$55.00
D4Male Full Back, Neck, Shoulders & Half Arm Wax$65.00
D5Male Back Wax and Chest Trim$65.00
D6Male Nape of Neck Wax$15.00
D7Male Full Chest & Abs Wax$55.00
D8Male Chest Wax$45.00
D9Male Torso /Upper Body wax$90.00
D10Male Full Arm & Hand Wax$50.00
D11Male Full Arm, Hand & Underarm Wax$65.00
D12Male Upper Arm Wax$25.00
D13Male Lower Arm & Hand Wax$32.50
D14Male Underarm Wax$15.00
D15Male Hand Wax$15.00
D16Male Finger Wax$8.00
D18Male small of back only$20.00
D19Male shoulders $25.00
D20Male navel line (love trail)$20.00
D21Male nipples$13.00

Leg and Lower Body Waxing Treatments For Men

DL22Male Full Leg and Feet Wax - (Speedo Style)$65.00-80.00 Each
DL23Male Full Leg, Feet & Full Butt Wax$110.00-120.00
DL24Male Lower Half Leg Wax$40.00
DL25Male Upper Half Leg Wax$40.00
DL26Male back of thighs only$20.00 each
DL27Male butt/cheeks only-blended nicely$40.00
DL28Male Feet Wax$15.00 Each
DL29Male Toe wax$8.00

Face Waxing Treatments For Men

(Includes; male brow waxing, male nostril waxing, ear waxing - options for men)

(*) Denotes that hot wax/non strip wax will be used for male intimate waxing and other areas of the body as specified.
DF30Male Brow Wax *$19.00
DF31Male Nostril Wax *$16.00
DF32Male Ear waxing *$16.00
DF33Male Eyebrow, Nose & Ears *$40.00
DF34Male Mono Brow *$8.00


Male Waxing - Full Body Waxing Treatments For Men

New waxing clients please allow approx 3.0 hours for a full body waxing treatment and advance booking will be required to allow enough time for the treatment.
DFB35Full Body Wax $300.00
DFB36Maintenance - Full Body Wax *$280.00

Intimate Waxing for Men

*On your first appointment all clients will complete a confidential consultation form.
DI37Speedo line$33.00
DI38Brazilian - Penis, scrotum, crack & butt cheeks (Most Popular)
DI39Hollywood - Penis, scrotum, butt cheeks, crack & pubic triangle removed
DI40Penis, sack and crack waxing - (does not include butt cheeks or the pubic mound)
DI41Penis, scrotum & pubic triangle removed or trimmed. (Nothing removed from the back).$55.00
DI42Penis, scrotum, butt cheeks, crack, back & shoulders - (more commonly known as a BSC, back sack and crack wax)
DI43Penis, scrotum, butt cheeks, crack full chest & abs$120.00
DI44Male butt cheeks, crack & full back wax$90.00
DI45Male butt cheeks & crack$55.00
DI46Male crack wax only$32.00
DI47Male pubic triangle only$40.00
DI48Shaft only$35.00
DI49Sack only$35.00
DI50Crease of the leg wax$32.50

Combos - Save time and money great value combos.

DC1Male full back, shoulders, chest & abs $90.00
DC2Male back, shoulders and Brazilian$135.00
DC3Male legs and Brazilian$150.00


This is for men who don’t want to be totally hair free, but like to have neat trimmed body appearance. To achieve this look, I use professional hair clippers with a range of grades, enabling me to get the right look for each client.
*All clipping services are 1/2 price when combined with waxing.
MS1Male Full Chest & Abs Manscaping $50.00
MS2Male Full Back & Shoulders Manscaping $40.00
MS3Male Arms Manscaping$20.00
MS4Male Under Arms Manscaping$12.00
MS5Male Legs Manscaping$32.50
MS6Male Full body Manscaping$75.00
MS7Male Full Torso Manscaping (chest, abs, back and shoulders) $65.00

Massage Price

I am a compassionate person by nature and care a great deal about my clients, however, please do not confuse my appointments, touch, and generosity or space as anything but therapeutic. I am a professional massage therapist, not an escort. I only provide professional bodywork.
M11 Hour Massage$150.00
M21-1/2 Hour Massage$225.00

Aftercare Products I use during your treatment

For the best and long lasting results from your treatment, I recommend using the three after-care products listed below from Outback Organics. More information? Ask me during your consultation.
Ingrown Hair Serum 8 ml

Ingrown Hair Serum

Post wax spray 100 ml
Post-Wax Spray
Exfoliating Mitt

Effectively and Gently exfoliate.