Terms and Conditions

These Terms, and the Site, may be updated from time to time without notice to you.

Booking with D-4-M

f you would like to make an appointment for any of my D4M Male Grooming treatments then you need to contact me as soon as possible. Please bare in mind that if you want to have a treatment done, plan a head especially if you are going on vacation, or if it is around a holiday, clients book in advance.  Directions will be given once you use my contact form. This is a private studio.


Please note that advance appointments are strongly recommended and often the more popular evening appointment times (5:00 pm-8:30 pm) are pre booked often weeks in advance with very little or no availability for last minute appointments, but always check as there may be some rescheduling during the day.


When I’m working with a client I wont answer the telephone, but I will respond to all messages and emails as soon as possible. Please leave a clear message indicating the male grooming treatment you are requesting, preferred dates and times, with your contact name and contact number: repeat the number twice, and I will respond accordingly. Blocked and anonymous telephone numbers are ignored. If you are calling from a number that is not displayed  you will need to leave a voice-mail stating a contact number for me to return your call. Appointment bookings will require a contact mobile number, so that confirmation details can be sent directly to your mobile phone.



Client Consultation Form

Client Consultation Form. All new clients at D4M Male Grooming will be required to complete a client consultation form prior to having any treatment. The purpose of the form is to ensure that I’m fully aware of your medical conditions and if there may be certain issues that I have to adjust or review the way I treat you. It is a requirement that I maintain these forms during your treatment period. You will be required to check over these details at times to confirm that nothing has changed. These forms are confidential and the information is not used for any other purpose or will not be shared with any other parties. When you arrive for your first appointment at D4M Male Grooming Studio please just arrive at the appointment time booked as I have allowed the extra time within your first appointment to complete your consultation and to discuss aftercare questions, so it’s not necessary for you to turn up any earlier than arranged.



You must complete my contact form

B ooking an Appointment.  You (client) should specify the male grooming treatment required with preferred dates and times (of the appointment, treatment letter and number “ie.D43” and the price of the treatment). All bookings will require a mobile telephone number. Confirmation will be sent by your choice of either SMS or email detailing the address and of your treatment. If you are running late and know that you will not get here on time for your appointment let me know and if, by chance, there is the opportunity to move things around then that can be arranged. All the appointments at D4M Male Grooming are timed, arriving late may result in a reduced treatment time and there may not be enough time to complete your treatment, so you could end up going on vacation with half of your chest waxed! If no confirmation is received and if several attempts have been made to make contact to confirm your appointment then it may result in the appointment being cancelled and offered to another client.  You must complete my contact form before I send you directions.



Payment. All grooming treatments at D4M Male Grooming must be paid in full at the end of the appointment. I accept payment by credit cards and also cash. Payments can be arranged if you are paying for the male grooming treatment as a gift for someone. Check out my D4M Grooming Gift Certificates.


To prepay, contact me. you can pay by credit or you can come to my studio and pay this in person. Please note that I do not accept any CNP card transactions (Customer Not Present). For any credit or debit card transactions clients must key in their pin number to validate the card transaction.



My Privacy Policy

D4M Privacy Policy. At D4M Male Grooming, I do not share any of your information such as medical evaluation forms, telephone numbers, addresses, or email addresses, or any other personal information with any third parties. The D4M Male Grooming web site does not track or record IP addresses. I do not place any “cookies” or other software on to your digital electronics. I’m not responsible for the privacy policies of any sites which I may link to, or for any of my advertisers. You should refer to their privacy policies for more information. Any links or advertising on the D4M Male Grooming website should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation for those sites or their products!


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy. I understand at times clients do need to rearrange or cancel appointments as things happen in everyday life. I have created a cancellation policy that seems fair;  If you book an appointment, honor that time. All I ask that you contact me early to cancel or reschedule your appointment, this way I may be able to offer the appointment to another client.
If you book an appointment at my studio and fail to turn up for your treatment (No Show) then I will not offer you another appointment, unless you pay 50% of your previously scheduled treatment costs. My time is as valuable as yours.


Gift Certificate

Grooming Gift Certificates. Show someone you care with a D4M Grooming Gift Certificate for Grooming or Massage. They make a great gift for holidays, birthdays and for some special occasions. Treat someone you know to a D4M Grooming Gift Certificate. Your Grooming Gift Certificates can be purchased at my studio or by contacting me. These can be for either a specified male grooming treatment or an amount of money, they can be used for all services. I can mail it to you or the recipient’s home address or email. The recipient has one year to redeem this gift and it is non-refundable. The gift of grooming is always appreciated.