Male Manscaping

For men who want the quick instant fix without the mild to moderate stinging sensation of the Brazilian wax, to remove unwanted excess body hair. It is as old as Egypt where waxing and body shaving was a common cosmetic treatment for the royalty and nobility to achieve the sleek and polish look for the skin. So, lie back, relax and let me take care of your unwanted hair.


Face it men, excessive body hair is rarely attractive, especially if left un-attended to. Simple grooming can make a huge difference in your appearance and give your esteem a boost.

Need to mow your lawn but can’t bear the thought of waxing? My body clippering service is a fast and painless way to trim excess body hair for a natural-looking finish.

When trimming the pubic area, I’ll make certain to also trim hair around the stomach and navel to give an even natural looking appearance.

A little hair is fantastic, but when it starts to appear as if Don King’s ‘do is residing in the Calvin’s, it’s time for some pubic pruning. Not only do surveys show women/men prefer men neat and tidy — it’s also a hygienic advantage since body hair is the ultimate home for odor causing bacteria.

Hair traps all kinds of materials – droplets of sweat or urine, dead skin cells, bacteria, environmental debris, bits of semen, and so on. Left in place in their snug harbor of pubic hair, these substances can add up to a pretty rank smell, especially on a hot day, or men who are prone to skipping a shower or two. Keeping the hairs trimmed short means there is less surface area for all of these molecules to hang on, thus reducing the unpleasant odor associated with the groin area.

HAIR IS A BREEDING GROUND FOR BACTERIA, research it for yourself.

It gives your penis an extra “optical inch!” Yes, I’ll cut those over-sized “pubic enemies” down to size! Easy as mowing the lawn,  I’ll simply start on the trimmer’s longest setting and work on down as the look and feel dictates. Of course, manscaping goes beyond trimming your pubes, just like a good haircut can make you look younger and bring out your features, a good body cut can reveal your best assets. There’s a reason body-builders manscape/wax: hair blocks the view of the muscles they’ve worked so hard on.. By trimming the hair around the base of your penis, you can look bigger by as much as an inch or two. And who doesn’t want that?


This is for men who don’t want to be totally hair free, but like to have neat trimmed body appearance. To achieve this look, I use professional hair clippers with a range of grades, enabling me to get the right look for each client.
*All clipping services are 1/2 price when combined with waxing.
MS1Male Full Chest & Abs Manscaping $50.00
MS2Male Full Back & Shoulders Manscaping $40.00
MS3Male Arms Manscaping$20.00
MS4Male Under Arms Manscaping$12.00
MS5Male Legs Manscaping$32.50
MS6Male Full body Manscaping$75.00
MS7Male Full Torso Manscaping (chest, abs, back and shoulders) $65.00