There are many salons out there for the women and now there is a home-based private practice studio especially for men!

elcome to D4M Male Grooming. I’m glad you have visited my site and I hope I can meet your needs and become your exclusive therapist. My name is Dean. I work on the South Shore, Massachusetts. I have been practicing bodywork since 2002. I’m now proud to offer male full body waxing treatments as well as male intimate waxing. My approach to your grooming needs is simple; excellent service in a private environment. I take pride in removing the unwanted hair or grooming the hair you want to keep or massage you to relaxation.



hy should you see me? Pride, commitment and coupled with my expert training; which was in south London by an award-winning therapist and qualified teacher who was also hailed as “Britain’s top male waxing specialist” by the Men’s Health grooming editor. I hope to follow along in his footsteps  as I treat all clients with the respect and deliver quality work. I can wax just about every nook and cranny you can think of from bushy eyebrows down to hairy toes and everything in between (and quite possibly a few you can’t).

Waxing is no longer gender specific. Now, more than ever, men are reaping The benefits of longer-lasting hair removal, even in their most intimate regions. Throughout the world, men from all walks of life are starting to pay closer attention to their appearance…shouldn’t you?

In A Nut Shell...

Male Brazilian$125+
Back End-Butt Cheeks & Crack$85+
Tailored Body Massage$150+

Professional Intimate Waxing Specialist


For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please email me 24 hours a day by clicking here!